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Tuesday, March 26 2024
3 Main Benefits of a Reach Truck

With warehouse and storage space at a premium, more companies are looking for alternatives to increasing their footprint by expanding current space or purchasing new space. Sometimes a reach truck can be the perfect solution to increasing space, and productivity in your material handling and storage operation. While a reach truck is not suited for all operations, where it can be used, provides three significant benefits.

  1. Maneuverability means narrower aisles - Reach trucks are designed for narrow aisles and tight spaces. They have a smaller turning radius, making them more maneuverable than standard forklifts. This allows for efficient navigation in crowded warehouse environments. Often times aisle width can be reduced by 30% or more by utilizing an reach truck. This allows for more aisles within your current space, and more storage.
  2. A reach truck has a higher lifting capacity than traditional forklifts - Reach trucks are built to handle taller racks and shelves. They can reach higher lift heights compared to standard forklifts, enabling better utilization of vertical space in the warehouse. LInde's 5195 Reach Truck has a maximum fork height of 240" allowing you to build your racking higher, thus more storage.
  3. The reach capability of a reach truck means narrow aisles within your warehouse - Reach trucks have extending forks that can reach into storage areas without the need for the truck to move closer. This feature is particularly useful for double-deep racking systems or when accessing items stored deep within racks. Double-reach means narrower aisles, and more pallet positions in your operation, resulting in increased storage capacity.

For a consultation about the possibility of a reach truck for your operation, and how it might benefits, please Contact Us or give us a call at 410-344-1801.

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