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Forklift Operation Control, Accountability, Insight
PowerBox Fleet Management System
PowerBox™(VMS) is a wireless Vehicle Management System for industrial vehicles, such as forklifts and tow tractors. It is a hosted, out-of-the-box solution designed to streamline system acquisition, deployment and benefit achievement for customers with small to medium size fleets, or larger fleets with basic VMS requirements. PowerBox™ features:
  • Simple, hands-off, hosted implementation, with minimal effort to get system up and running, and virtually no interaction required with user’s IT organization.
  • Pre-configured vehicle operator access control to enforce safety training requirements and establish total accountability for equipment use.
  • Pre-configured electronic safety checklists to ensure compliance with safety regulations and expedite identification and repair of vehicle problems.
  • Impact sensing — with automatic self-learning — to reinforce accountability for safe driving and reduce the cost of vehicle-related damage, without creating undue “false alarms” that hinder productivity.
  • Automatic scheduled maintenance planning, including on-vehicle timer with reset and automatic “due soon/due now/past due” reporting.
  • Condensed, dashboard-style fleet usage reports that quantify both realized and potential benefits, not just display data.
  • automatic emailing of all reports — virtually eliminating the need for user training and software interaction.
  • remotely-hosted, browser-accessible software for administrative functions (e.g. adding a new vehicle operator).
  • Combination of RF and cellular communications technologies for 100% automatic wireless data flows.
  • proven product robustness & reliability (99.8% uptime).
  • low upfront cost & low monthly hosting/communications fee.
  • upgradeable to full PowerFleet™ options.
PowerBox is billed monthly as a simple subscription service, like your mobile phone; it doesn't require any upfront cash outlay, so you don't have to go through a capital purchase justification, and you can "save as you go", with the system more than paying for itself every month. According to an independent consultant’s analysis of average core VMS financial benefits and the average PowerBox™ cost, the system will typically return breakeven cash flow in less than one year, even for relatively small fleets with basic needs

Watch the 3 minute video below for highlights about PowerBox and what it can do for your operation. Then contact us for more details and pricing information.
Click to download PowerBox PDF Brochure