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Tuesday, November 21 2023
When is Refresher Training Required?

Forklift operators are typically required to undergo refresher training at specific intervals to ensure they continue to operate forklifts safely and effectively. The specific requirements for refresher training can vary by country, region, and organization, but some common guidelines and triggers for refresher training include:

  1. Time Intervals: Forklift operators may be required to undergo refresher training at regular time intervals, such as every three years. This helps ensure that their skills and knowledge remain up to date.
  2. Changes in Equipment or Workplace: If there are significant changes in the type of forklift being used or in the layout of the workplace, refresher training may be necessary to familiarize operators with these changes.
  3. Incidents or Near-Misses: After accidents, near-miss incidents, or safety violations related to forklift operation, refresher training may be mandated to address the issues and prevent future incidents.
  4. Poor Performance: If an operator demonstrates poor performance or unsafe behavior while operating a forklift, additional training may be required to address these issues.
  5. Regulatory Requirements: Local regulations and safety standards can dictate the specific requirements for forklift operator training and refresher training. Employers should ensure compliance with these regulations.
  6. Employer Policies: Employers may establish their own policies and guidelines for forklift operator refresher training. These policies should align with safety best practices and local regulations.

It’s essential for employers to maintain records of forklift operator training and refresher training, as well as to have a clear training and retraining program in place. The goal is to ensure that forklift operators remain competent and safe in their duties. The specific requirements and intervals for refresher training may vary, so it’s important to consult local regulations and industry standards to determine the appropriate schedule for your organization.

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