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Tuesday, June 13 2023
Forklift Safety Day 2024

Forklift Safety Day is a great opportunity to review your forklift safety program and/or plan. And if you don’t have a program or plan, this would be a great opportunity to create one! Today marks the 10th anniversary of Forklift Safety Day, instituted by the Industrial Truck Association, with the goal of increasing awareness of, and improving forklift safety in the material handling and storage industries. Following are a few things you can do:

Forklift Operator Training

  • Are all of your forklift operators up-to-date on their training. Remember, forklift operators must receive refresher training every three years, and be evaluated on the equipment that they operate. 
  • How well do you know your operators? Download our Forklift Operator Questionnaire to get to know their experience operating lift equipment.
  • Learn more about Operator Training and our classes at our Training Page.

Forklift Inspections and Maintenance

Forklift Safety is No Accident

We’re here to help you maintain safety in your forklift operations by ensuring all your employees that might operate a forklift, know the limitations and dangers of forklifts AND to ensure they are all operating a peak efficiency and safety. To speak to one of our professional about any aspects of your forklift fleet’s safety or performance, just give us a call at 410-344-1801..

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