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Over 70% of the new forklifts thus far in 2020 have been electric forklifts. In this article we highlight why, and why now is the best time to convert your IC forklifts to clean, efficienct electrics.

Many feel that the success of ProMat, the largest show of its kind, reflects the “global pulse” of the world’s economy and in particular, materials handling.  If the atmosphere and attendance at the show is an indicator, the global mood is positive and upbeat. While there were hundreds of booths to view, there were three major take-aways from the keynote speakers as well as panel discussions.

Most of us in materials handling, and in fact most of the country, has had a prosperous 2014. We scoured several sources to find out who is predicting what for 2015. Read what we found and why.

From renting and leasing to cash purchases and traditional financing, there are many ways to acquire your forklifts. How you acquire capital equipment, like forklifts, depends on many variables. These vary from the financial status of your company, the type of equipment you use to how you use it. Read our list of questions to help you determine the best route for your company.

There are obvious benefits of "Going Green" with electric forklifts, but many of the benefits are latent and not so obvious.  This article highlights how technology is giving internal combustion lift truck owners, reason to investigate converting to electric power for their fleet.
Reduce your carbon footprint, maintenance costs, fuel costs and total operating expenses while improving efficiency, ergonomics and productivity.  Then decide for yourself if it's worth taking a look at Linde's 80Volt solution the the LP problem.

With advances in outdoor durability, lifting capacity and charging technology, electric forklifts are making up more of the lift truck market than ever before. Learn why.

Green Initiatives are gaining momentum here, and around the globe. Some energy conservation procedures are quite easy to implement and have quick returns. Others take more planning. However, in the long run, saving the Earth's natural resources and cutting back our carbon footprint is better for everyone going forward. Read what you can do and others are doing, to conserve, and save!
Selecting a materials handling partner based on the price of a forklift or other equipment is like choosing a wife or husband because they’re going to benefit you monetarily.  Our Feature Article lists 10 simple things you can do to help you truly select a partner that will enhance your operation, not simply sell to it.
Are You Trending?: Five Major Changes in Warehousing
Through-put, best practices, return on investment — these are all major concerns for the material handling professional.  Considering that the current economic climate is tenuous at best, the concerns over these topics are now even greater.  There are many tools used in materials handling management, and they change as our business changes.  But what tools are changing the most? How can you best leverage the latest technology and gain the most out of your material handling operations?  Read the full article HERE.