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Selective Roll Form Racking
Selective roll form rack starts as a coil of steel.  The steel is processed through a processor that punches the holes which will be used to attach the beams.  The process beams are then sent through rollers that shape the steel and shape it to provide the necessary strength and support.

Connections – Roll form rack is connected in a couple of ways.  Some manufacturers use a bolt system while others weld the components to build the pallet rack.

Paint – Most rack manufactures used a powder coat process to paint the beams and uprights.  Powder coating roll form rack provides a more durable finish that resists scratching a fading much bettter than painting. Dipping is still used by some manufacturers. Dipping lowers the initial cost but the paint will rust and wear off much faster, this will lose the new look after a short time.
roll form rack image
For roll form racking solutions in Baltimore you need not look further than the material handling professionals at Matthai Material Handling. We have the know-how to help you select the right type of rack, the right amount and provide professional installation services to ensure proper fit and structural integrity. Contact Us for a consulation or give us a call at 410-344-1801.