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Linde X20-X35 Electric Forklifts

4,000lb/5,000lb/6,000lb/7.000lb Capacities

Solid Pneumatic Tire Forklifts

The X20 – X35 electric forklift trucks have been developed and constructed on a platform that is compatible with all drive types. With this shared basis for design, Linde is entering a new era in which drive technology no longer dictates the performance and robustness of a truck. Other models developed on this platform include the E20 – E35 electric forklift trucks, which are designed especially for indoor use, as well as the H20 – H35 diesel and gas-powered forklifts.

Benefits at a Glance

Drive Concept

An innovative water-cooling system ensures that the power units installed on the twin-motor drive axle operate within an optimal temperature range. This ensures that the user has access to the rated output even under extreme conditions in multi-shift operation.

Synchronous Reluctance Motors

The powerful synchronous reluctance motors in the X20 – X35 series were newly developed from scratch. They are also fitted with permanent magnets, which increase the effectiveness and energy efficiency even further, making the trucks the most powerful electric forklifts available.

Flexible Power Supply

The outstanding feature of the Linde lithium-ion systems is the multi-stage safety concept, which allows the forklift trucks to be used in challenging environments with high mechanical loads and extreme temperature fluctuations. Other benefits include the significantly higher energy efficiency compared to lead-acid batteries and the higher availability of the trucks thanks to shorter charging cycles and the interim charging option.

Load Balancing

In electrically powered fleets, Linde Load Balancing helps customers manage their local energy infrastructure. The aim is to avoid expensive power peaks (Peak Power Management) and statically as well as dynamically limit the available charging power. To achieve this, various charging strategies are developed and the customer selects the one that suits them.

Ergonomic Advantages

Driver’s Workstation

The spacious, bright driver’s cab gives the operator significantly more space, ensuring their physical comfort and enabling them to work throughout their shift without becoming fatigued. All of the important control elements are positioned within easy reach of the driver to reduce physical strain as much as possible.

Optimum Visibility

The slim mast construction, narrow A-pillars, and low front plate ensure the driver has a comfortable sitting position with optimum view of the load and the surroundings of the truck.


The armrest is available in multiple variants, with options to choose from to ensure the operator is able to sit comfortably and has all the functions of the truck within easy reach. Several control elements, such as Linde Load Control, are integrated into the armrest, ensuring the minimum possible physical exertion for the driver.

Seat Variants

A wide variety of seat options provide additional comfort and active protection against postural injuries – with air suspension and lumbar support through to heated seating and active seat ventilation for outdoor use in all weather conditions.


The standard 3.5-inch display shows the driver all of the key information – such as battery level, warning lights, and operating hours – at a glance. A 7-inch monitor is available as an option, which also shows the Linde Safety Pilot displays or images from the camera systems.

Electronic Suspension of the Mast Ends

To prevent shocks and vibrations from being transmitted to the driver, the mast ends are electronically suspended. This also reduces wear on the mast components.

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