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Industrial Forklift Battery Care Commandments
  • When battery is put into service, complete a full discharge of the battery and full charge cycle. Then check and add approved water (never acid) if needed only after this first cycle is completed.
  • Never discharge battery beyond 80%.
  • If battery temperature is above 115F allow baattery to cool before charging or operating.
  • Keep battery top clean, dry and vent caps tightly in place.
  • Inspect battery daily as part of normal forklift pre-shift inspection.
  • Keep open flame and metal objects away from battery top.
  • Use only approved chargers of correct voltage and current output.
  • Keep battery cover or forklift compartment open and well ventilated during charging.
  • Keep your batteries and chargers on a Planned Maintenance program based upon your usage.

Maintaining your forklift batteries and chargers will prolong the useful life of your forklift batteries, reduce service costs and improve fleet productivity (decreased down-time).

Let Matthai Material Handling be your partner in the maintenance of your batteries and charger. Click Here to contact us for more information and a quote to service your batteries and chargers.