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Forklift Operator Training
Individual Forklift Operator Training at Matthai

Don't have enough operators for an on-site class? No problem. Just schedule your operators for one of our monthly Forklift Operator Training class. Classes are held the second Tuesday of each month and include:

  • Forklift Stability and Center of Gravity - Understanding this concept is the basis for ensuring safe forklift operation. We will cover static center of gravity and how it changes as a forklift moves and as the mast is raised or lowered.
  • Forkilift Capacity and Weight - Knowing how to determine the safe lifting capacity of a piece of lift equipment before it's operated is necessary to ensure it only lifts the appropriate amount of weight. We will also address how that capacity changes as changes are made to a lift truck
  • Pre-Shift Inspection - You operators will be shown how to ensure the forklift they are about to operate is safe to drive and operate.
  • Operating Techniques - We will train your operators on proper methods to operate the forklift they are using. They will be shown the "do's and don'ts" of safe operation and will walk away with a good foundation of safe forklift operation, including:
    • What to do before you put the forklift into gear.
    • Basic operating techniques.
    • Where you can and can not operate a forklifts.
    • Changing directions of a forklift
    • Turns and ramp operations
    • Lifting, Lowering and Tilting
    • Operating forklifts safely around docks, ramps and tractor trailer
  • What they need to do when they get back to your facility - Classroom training is only part of the equation.  Once your operator has been trained on safe forklift operation, you must review his or her results on the piece of equipment(s) they will operate in YOUR FACILITY.  Read our Feature Article "Site-Specific Training" for more information on preparing your forklift operators to safely operate within your facility.

This class covers Classes 1, 4 and 5 forklifts.  These are sit-down, counterbalance, cushion or pneumatic tire lift trucks.  We also offer classes for class 2 and 3, narrow aisle and walkie rider classes.  An operator must already be certified for class 1,4 and 5 before we can provide training for class 2 and 3.

Our goal is a safe operating environment for your lift trucks, operators and pedestrians.  See our Feature Article "Pedestrian Safety; Things You Need to Consider" for more information on Pedestrian Safety.