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5 Most Common Service Repairs

Over the years we've seen a lot of problems on our service calls. Below are the Top Five causes for service calls based on an examination of over 6,220 service calls, followed by how we prevent them from occuring on your forklifts.

Hydraulic Leaks

Our technicians look specifically for cracked and rubber wear on hoses. These types of repairs can be costly and messy, not to mention the dangers they create.


Properly maintained, the average industrial battery will last more than 5 years. Improper service results in numerous operational and performance failures. Our PM program monitors your battery performance and keeps it operating within manufacturer's guidelines.

Fuel Systems

Issues with fuel systems cause extensive issues with performance and critical emissions that could cause harm to your employees. Attention to fuel and fuel systems are a critical part of our Planned Maintenance performance.


Horns, travel alarms, lights, mirrors, blue lights, red zone lights, LED headlights; all are critical safety components that must operate correctly. Failure to identify issues can result in accidents and injuries. Our technicians will ensure all safety accessories and equipment are operating properly, improving safety in our operation.

Build-up Debris

Debris build-up impacts electronic and control systems, cooling systems, and causes damage to brakes, axles, and uprights. The solution could include regular blow-outs with compressed air. We will identify the issue and make the recommendations to correct the problem.

A planned maintenance program with the right partner, like Matthai Material Handling, can check off your OSHA obligations, mitigate costly repairs resulting in expensive downtime and reduced useful life of your equipment.

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